Green Toys Loader truck Toy - Made in USA

Green Toys Loader truck Toy - Made in USA

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The Green Toys Bulldozer Excavator: Green power at your fingertips!
Are you fed up with toys that behave like bulldozers towards the planet? Well, us too! This is why we present to you the Bulldozer Excavator from Green Toys, a toy that leaves no marks - except perhaps a few furrows in the sand! The ergonomics of this bulldozer with its two handles (one fixed on the top of the cabin, one at the end of the oversized mobile arm) is perfect for children from one year old. If the excavator has spent a lot of time on the beach, no problem for a job in the house after a quick wash in the dishwasher. Made in USA


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Green Toys Loader truck Toy - Made in USA

Get ready to dig, dig, dig! The Green Toys™ Loader Truck is ready for indoor and outdoor pickup, loading and unloading adventures. With two different handles – one fixed on top of the cab, one at the end of the oversized movable arm – the ways to play are endless. Featuring a full 180 degree rotation on the arm, the dump bucket can even rotate on the truck and empty from the rear! Perfect in a sandbox, toy box or gift box, the ultra-safe design features no metal axles or exterior paints or coatings.

Environmentally friendly: The excavator is made from 100% recycled plastic and BPA-free. You can now move earth while protecting our beloved Earth. One small step for man, one big step for nature!

Eco-friendly durability: Our bulldozer is designed to last. It withstands the most extreme adventures in the sandbox, the beach or the garden. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's also as strong as a real bulldozer!

A bit of humor: Who said respecting the environment has to be boring? With our Bulldozer Excavator, you can dig deep trenches while putting smiles on faces. Hours of fun and laughter ahead!

Hours of Play: Your child will love exploring the world of construction while developing their fine motor skills. Who would have thought being eco-friendly could be so much fun?

Bright Colors: Available in bright, attractive colors, our excavator brightens up any playground. It's also easy to spot when looking for the perfect toy for your eco-friendly toddler. Don't forget that the plastics are colored throughout, there is no paint, which is a guarantee of excellent aging and good impact resistance.

Happy planet: With the Green Toys Bulldozer Excavator, you're not just digging holes, you're digging a greener future for future generations. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So, don’t wait any longer! Make a choice that makes sense for the planet and for your child. Give him the Green Toys Bulldozer Excavator and let him become the hero of environmentally friendly construction. By purchasing Green Toys, you choose the planet, the smile and the endless play!

Why Choose Green Toys®: The mission of Green Toys® is to create sustainable, environmentally friendly toys that stimulate children's imagination while conserving the planet's resources. By opting for the Green Toys® Toy, you support a company committed to protecting the environment and creating quality products. Give your child unforgettable adventures while contributing to a greener future!

Green Toys - Because the Earth and children deserve quality toys!

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