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GYOTAKU print STRIPED BASS 30x45cm, Belmont, Massachussetts


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All prints below are Giclee prints on  Premium Archival Matte Paper.

John F.Doherty is an artist, USGC captain & Charter head boat.

He's fishing off the coast of Cape Cod and further south.

Cape Cod, MA. is where I have always spent my summers. As a child, I developed a connection with the ocean. Nowadays I spend as much time as I can watching the sea and all of its freedom and bounty.
I have learned to respect her for what she gives and what she taketh away. I catch fish to eat, share with friends, use for bait, and occasionally to sell. There is something truly satisfying about sharing a freshly caught meal with family and friends.
The fish I use for these rubbings are simply washed off with a hose after the printing process, and then filleted for the grill while the rest of it goes back into the water to feed other creatures. Most of these fish are of the North East variety found in the waters around – Latitude: N 41 degrees 40′ by Longitude: W 70 degrees 03′. Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, American Eel, Scup, Herring, Blue Crab, Lobsters, Snapper Blues, Squid, Shark, Tuna, Albacore, Cod, Sea Robbin, Skate, Tog, Black Seabass.

History of “Gyotaku”

(Gyo = fish Taku = imaging)

Rubbing originated in the Orient back in the early 1800′s.
It has been used to preserve records of fisherman’s catches.
As time has moved on, people have found the prints to be visually

The Art of Gyotaku is a delicate and ever-changing
art form. The potential to create new and different works
increase with each new design.

Each fish rubbing is unique. The set up
can be changed in a variety of ways. We can use a broad range
of prints or inks. The printing stock can vary from the gentlest
rice paper to a much firmer canvas.

The basic method remains relatively simple.
Apply paint or ink to the actual fish and lay your paper or
canvas on top of it. Then rub over the entire fish and gently
peel the paper off to have a look at your new creation.

It is also a wonderful way to stay close
 to the ocean and appreciate the beauty and variety of marine
Also, it is said that it brings good luck to the fisherman.

Frame not included

handmade in the USA

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