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American Flag Stars and Stripes XL - Made in USA

American Flag Stars and Stripes XL - Made in USA

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This large Stars and Stripes flag is made in the USA by veterans. It is assembled in a polyester fabric which has a cotton appearance, but is much superior in resistance. This quality allows it to be used outdoors even in very poor conditions. The 50 stars are embroidered. The canvases are assembled with double stitching and the “windward edge” is hemmed with 4 stitches. It is therefore no coincidence that this flag is on staff in many administrations and regiments of the American army. Made in USA.



American Flag Stars and Stripes XL - Made in USA

Add a touch of authentic charm to your interior or exterior with our American flag, carefully crafted by veterans. Each of the 50 stars is meticulously embroidered, and the lined assembly seams are made with precision.

With its generous dimensions of 1.22 m by 1.83 m, this flag is a statement of style and character. Its classic and timeless design makes it a versatile decorative element, ideal for illuminating your living room, office or garden and asserting your attachment or passion for the United States of America.

For hanging, it is equipped with two stainless brass eyelets.

Each flag is handcrafted and inspected twice to ensure premium quality.

Made of double polyester weave, it has the appearance of cotton but offers incomparable resistance. Perfect for outdoor use, it is also very elegant to beautify your indoor space. These flags have earned the trust of schools, government agencies and all those who demand the best from their flag.


The American Stars and Stripes flag with 50 stars is the vibrant symbol of an ever-changing nation. Adopted on July 4, 1960, following the admission of Hawaii into the Union, it embodies the unity and diversity of the United States. Each star represents a state, and each red and white stripes tell the story of courage and freedom. Since its creation in 1777, the flag has stood as a silent witness to American history, from moments of triumph to times of struggle. It floats proudly during official ceremonies, on homes and public buildings, reminding citizens of their common heritage. The Stars and Stripes flag is much more than just a piece of fabric; it is a timeless symbol of a nation's hope, resilience and unity, a living reminder of the ideals enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Whether in times of joy or sorrow, it remains the bond that unites Americans, always reminding them of their motto: “E Pluribus Unum” – Out of many, one.

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